Max doesn’t like any of the extra crap, just to show off his raw chiselled body. Made to manage rough crowds (and attract looks) his steel makes him a lightweight, nimble and reliable bike, perfect for jumping through Melbourne’s city laneways.

Make: Honda
Model: CB250 ‘07
Engine Capacity: 248cc
Seating Position: Upright
Seating Capacity: 2 people

Max has been kitted out with a bigger tank, custom exhaust, tracker bars and chunky dirt tyres. With super bright LED and orange fog lights you are sure to be protected should you end up in a zombie apocalypse during your ride.

Visiting Melbourne and want to make a statement to your friends, family or love interest? Max is your perfect accessory. He’ll also dodge through traffic, get you around town and over to the south side" (south of the Yarra for our out of town friends).

One of a kind and a King on the road.

Ideal Adventures

- Dodging through city laneways
- Short trips to the beach/across town
- Fighting zombies in an apocalypse


- Long Reach - great for people with wacky inflatable arms
- Yellow Fog Light

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