No one ever rode off into the sunset on a scooter.
Meet Sonny, our Harley Davidson Sportster - Super Low. Highway pegs, western-style bars and that unmistakable Harley sound that has woken neighbours all over the world.

Base Model: Harley Davidson Sportster 883 Super Low
Capacity: 883cc
Customisations: Super low seat
Seats: 2
Seat height: 64.8cm
Seating Position: Back

Quirks: Big heavy boy at 222kg. Loud pipes, and likes good conditions on the roads (can get slippery in the wet). 

Likes:  Taking on twisties out of the city

Dislikes: Wet roads, tram tracks, the city

Suited to: Someone not afraid of a bit of sound, sorter, heavier ridersor taking a pillion

Great for riding two up. Take your partner, or find a new one.

Do you need some panniers for your gear? Just ask and we'll throw them on. 

The 2011 Super Low is running HD's tried and tested V-TWIN 883. Plenty of grunt to take you down the highway or to the beach.

If you want a Harley, nothing else will do. 

N.B. Sonny does not come with panniers attached. Please book soft panniers separately if required.

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