Classic cafe racer styling with all the modern comforts, if you want an easy ride for all occasions, Connie is your match.

Mal’s quieter cousin, built on the same base model with the same 650cc motor, lower clip-on handlebars, and a custom Verex exhaust system.

Base Model: Royal Enfield Continental GT

Capacity: 650cc

Customisations: None

Seats: 2

Seat height: 78.9cm

Seating Position: forward (slightly)

Quirks: A quiet achiever, doesn’t make too much noise but will attract the eye with its bright blue tank. Seat height is relatively high. 

Likes: Kicking around the city, heading out to regional VIC, cruising down the Great Ocean Road 

Dislikes: Very little except maybe the race track.

Suited to: Taller riders. Full licenced riders, visitors wanting to see both the city and beyond.

Mal’s quieter cousin. Built on the same base model with the same 650cc motor and stock muffler. She might be modest but she is sure to still get plenty of attention when pulled up at the cafe or from fellow riders on the road.

Easygoing and up for anything, she loves Melbourne’s city streets and can still handle herself on the highway, making her the perfect option for an out-of-towner wanting to see the sights or a local looking to get out of town. 

Our number 1 recommendation for anyone wanting to ride the Great Ocean Road on a Motorcycle.

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